1st Place ONAGER by Team Carbo

1st Place Overall





torsion-onager-oldA torsion siege engine is a type of artillery that utilizes torsion to launch projectiles. They were initially developed by the ancient Greeks, specifically Philip II of Macedon and Alexander the Great, and used through the Middle Ages until the development of gunpowder artillery in the 14th century proved them obsolete. (Wikipedia)

"Team Carbo" with their machine "ONAGER" and under the leadership of Captain Bob Carbo also participated last year(2014) and came in 3rd behind their out-of-town rival "First in Fright" .... (check out 2014 results here) but "ONAGER" beat them this year (2015) by tossing 2000++ feet.(TFTM=too far to measure right into Cherokee County).

In 2013, at the world famous DELAWARE competition, they tossed the pumpkin a world record distance of 3105 feet, way ahead of the pack. (Delaware website here)

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1st Place



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