Punkin’ Chunkin’ Machines 2016


Pumpkin chucking, or for rhyming purposes "Punkin Chunkin" and "Pumpkin Chunking", is the sport of hurling or 'chucking' a pumpkins solely by mechanical means for distance.  The devices used include slingshots, catapults, centrifugals, trebuchets, pneumatic cannons and HUMAN POWER sometimes by means of a "bicycle".


Team "CARBO" .... Machine "Onager" (Torsion Catapult) from CLAYTON, NC with Captain Bob Carbo along with Ryan Carbo, Michelle Mayfield, Ernie Hahn, Richard Johnson, Rich Bruner and Amanda Carbo .... 2000+ feet last year and "OVERALL WINNER"

Team "FANTASTIC FOUR" ..... Machine "A Little Twisted" (Torsion Catapult), from LOGANVILLE, GA. with Captain Matt Davis, Micah Cushing, Randy Ross, Glenn Watson ..... New entry this year.

Team "PUNKINOLOGISTS" .... Machine "Pumpkinator" (Trebuchet) from YOUNG HARRIS, GA with Captain Bill Clark at the helm along with Elmer Wilson, Marilyn Clark, Johnathan & John Notchie, Ron Gill, Bob Billedeaux, Betsi Wilson. Best toss of 723 feet in 2015, 742 feet in 2014, 653 feet in 2013. They come with their special "PC Car".

Team "OFC KNIGHTMARE" .... machine "OFC Knightmare" (Human powered Trebuchet) from MIDLAND, MICHIGAN with Captain Greg Dickson along with Bill Lehrmann, Tom Winter, Ray Leenhouts, Kay Amemiya. 2015 best toss at 1165 feet.

Team "SPLAT" .... Machine "SPLATTER" (Compressed Air) from HAYESVILLE with Captain Larry Silvers, Sonja Silvers, John Mazza, Brad Johnson, Mathew Lowe, A.J. Silvers... 2015 toss at 1265 feet...look for more this year

Team "SILVER BULLET" .... machine "SILVER BULLET" (Catapult) from Hayesville with Captain Andy Dan along with Barbara, Tod, Fury, Doris and TJ ....best toss in 2012 at 627 feet and took 3rd place.

Team "RESIDENT ALIENS" .... Machine "LAMB-INATOR" (Catapult) from HAYESVILLE with Captain Bob Lekites, Harry (Hayesville Mayor)  & Rachel Baughn, Father George, Pat (from Gnarly Fingers fame) & Candy List and Kathy Lekites. New entry this year.

Team "KNIGHTMARES" .... Machine "KNIGHT RYDERS" (Trebuchet)..TEEN ENTRY.. from ROBBINSVILLE,NC with Captain Benjamin Davis, Karin White, Kyle Brooks, Reece Postall, Nathan DeSarro, Meghan Myler, Sully Oliver, Chritian Rogers, Skyler Sawyer and Eli Tipton.  New entry this year

Team "THE MISFITS" .... Machine "MARILYN MONTHROWS" (Trebuchet) ... All Girls TEEN ENTRY ... from HAYESVILLE .. Cheyenne Fedder, Skyler Bolyard, Maddie Taylor, Adrienne Copeland, Rachel Robinson Triity W. & Allie D....... 2015 best toss at 314 feet






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