9th Place “Team Possum”

9th Place Overall



Machine type: TREBUCHET


A trebuchet[nb 1] (French trébuchet) is a type of siege engine most frequently used in the Middle Ages. It is sometimes called a counterweight trebuchet or counterpoise trebuchet, to distinguish it from an earlier weapon called the traction trebuchet, where men pulling ropes provided the power.


Team "Possum" with their machine

"2nd Generation"

Team members Al and Pam Booher, Mike Alan, Lori Plan and Tim McClure managed to chunk that punkin a total of 310 feet. Not bad for such a small machine and about 100 feet further than last year's model. They did get 1st place for a Brasstown machine.

We will be seeing you New Year's Eve for the world famous "Possum Drop" right down the road at Clay's Corner. Btw, Clay Logan arranged to have this event right here on Vic Payne's airfield and we shall be forever indebted to him and Vic for the use of this wonderful property here in Brasstown.


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