6th Place “Punkinologists’

6th Place Overall



Machine type: TREBUCHET


A trebuchet[nb 1] (French trébuchet) is a type of siege engine most frequently used in the Middle Ages. It is sometimes called a counterweight trebuchet or counterpoise trebuchet, to distinguish it from an earlier weapon called the traction trebuchet, where men pulling ropes provided the power.


Team "Punkinologists" with their machine "


under the leadership of Captain Bill Clark has been participating since 2013 and always performed in the top 3 local machines. This year Bill and his team brought their "Pit Car" and his wife "Marilyn" actually got 1st prize for hitting the "SPUD GUN" bulls eye the old minivan parked on the field.


Hayesville, NC 28904

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Marilyn wins first prize

Clay County Chamber

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